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Fly Attendant Life Apparel focuses on high quality, top fashion, and excellent fitting for everyday travels.

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“Fly Attendant Life Apparel” is a brand where we change lives with our smile, spread our wings to help each other, and show our style in the beautiful skies.” My name is Kevin Smiley, CEO and founder of FALA. I was born and raised in South Jersey, but currently live in Dallas, Texas. I am a flight attendant for a major U.S. airline. When I started my dream job in 2017, I had a slogan that I always said as I traveled both domestically and internationally: “Fly attendant life.” It has meaning behind it. “We fly, we are the attendants, and this is our life.” Meanwhile, flight attendants always are on the go and always flying to another destination. We are the cabin crew, and this is our lifestyle that we love to do.

“Fly Attendant Life Apparel” is a brand that I came up with after I noticed many crew members repeating my slogan on social media or passing each other in airports. My goal is to cater to the well-being of all flight attendants throughout all walks of life.

Please take a moment, and browse through our website. We appreciate your business, and come back and see us again soon. “Fly attendant life!”

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